White Fillings

white fillings

Fillings were traditionally made of metal amalgam, but in recent years white fillings have become increasingly popular due to aesthetic and environmental reasons. Our studio is fre of mercury and we offer a range of cosmetic fillings designed to strengthen the teeth without affecting smile aesthetics. There are various options available and the type used depends on the size and location of the cavity.

The simplest kind of white filling is made from dental composite, which contains quartz resin and a light sensitive agent. The fillings are very natural looking and can be fitted in a single appointment. Composite fillings can be used for the front and back teeth, and there are different shades available to ensure the filling blends in with the natural tooth colour. Some composite fillings have been specially designed for the back teeth and can withstand a great deal of force.

Composite fillings are bonded to the teeth, but before this process takes places, the tooth is cleaned and any decayed tissue removed. The bonding process involves applying a thin layer of resin to the tooth, which bonds to the prepared surface of the affected tooth. Bonding makes fillings more durable and modern fillings are much stronger than their older counterparts.

Once the composite material has been bonded, an intensive light beam will be used to harden the filling. This usually takes around 40 seconds, but we use the latest plasma light technology to harden fillings in just 6 seconds. During the setting process we will protect our eyes using an orange mask – you will not need to wear a mask because you only see the light once, but we are used to seeing it on a regular basis. It is nonetheless advisable to look away from the light.

Many of our patients ask the same questions after having a filling: 'When can I eat?' And the answer is, 'Straight away!' The fillings are solidified by the light instantly, meaning the tooth will be restored to full strength. You may experience increased sensitivity for a short period of time, and if this persists speak to your dental practitioner.

Indirect composite/ porcelain inlay

Another kind of white filling is a composite or porcelain inlay, which is used for bigger cavities because they are more durable and tend to last longer. Porcelain inlays are generally used when the aesthetic of the smile is paramount, as porcelain looks natural and has a glossy finish. Inlays are manufactured in the lab and bonded in the dental chair to enhance their durability. They require two appointments, but the finished result is worth the wait.

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