FAQ Tongue Cleansing

Why should I clean my tongue?

A large portion of the bacteria in your mouth lives on your tongue, which can then spread to your teeth and gums even when brushing your teeth.

The tongue and dental health problems

80 percent of bad breath originates at the rear of the tongue, and it is this that is linked to the development of tooth decay and gingivitis. This makes it incredibly important to cleanse your tongue as part of your oral health routine, to prevent the development of serious oral health problems.

Bacteria can become trapped within the grooves of the tongue, which then attaches to surrounding teeth and gums during the course of the day.

Using a tongue cleaner will remove excess bacteria to prevent the development of dental health problems. A tongue cleanser can remove potentially harmful bacteria to keep your breath smelling fresh and your teeth and gums healthy.

What can the Tongue Detox™ Cleanser do for me?

The Tongue Detox Cleanser is a flexible plastic tool with a mint antibacterial covering. Easy to use, the Tongue Detox Cleanser is gently scraped across the surface of the tongue to remove any bacteria, food, dead cells or unpleasant smelling film.

Used daily it will help you to maintain a greater level of dental hygiene and cut down the chances of bad breath.

Smokers' breath

Even those who smoke can use the Tongue Detox Cleanser to remove the thick layer of film that accumulates on the tongue. This will in turn help to prevent the onset of smokers' breath.

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