STb Social 6 Lingual Braces

STb Social 6 is a brace system, which uses brackets and wires fixed to the back of your teeth, to provide discreet and highly effective orthodontic work that is often completed within only 16 weeks.

People who suffer from overcrowding, gaps between teeth and other mild orthodontic problems or conditions which affect the front teeth, are perfect candidates for the STb Social 6 system and can expect great results in a very small space of time.

Wires and brackets allow for greater control over the movement of teeth but are often ugly looking and uncomfortable to wear – this is not the case with STb Social 6 Lingual braces. Each brace uses the thinnest and flattest of wires and brackets and are produced using the latest in self-litigating dental technology, which reduces any rubbing and allows for a shorter treatment period.

As these wires and brackets are hidden behind the teeth, your treatment will go unnoticed to everyone around you, so you needn't fear the awkwardness of obvious metal braces.

Stages of Treatment

Step 1

During your initial consultation we will discuss any problems and concerns you have with your teeth, involving both their appearance and functionality and how you would like them to look. Once we have decided whether you are suitable for Social 6 braces we will create a treatment plan, with your goals a top priority.

Step 2

Your teeth will then be prepared for the braces and an impression of your teeth and bite will be taken. These moulds are then sent off to a specialised lab, which designs and creates each individual Social 6 brace.

Step 3

Once your braces have been made, the rounded brackets will be fitted using either one or two wires, which unravel for a perfect and comfortable fit.

Step 4

As STb Social 6 Lingual braces are self-litigating and therefore the brackets are able to move and adjust to the changes in your mouth, you may not need to visit your dentist as often as you would with other brace systems. However, maintained oral hygiene is always recommended and a few trips to visit the dentist will be required to ascertain how well the treatment is going and whether any more adjustments are needed.


How long does STb Social 6 Lingual treatment take?

Social 6 braces treatment can take as little as 6 weeks to complete depending on each person's condition. Although a maximum of 16 weeks+ is more often the case.

Can I eat and drink with my Social 6 braces?

Traditional wire braces have brackets held together with elastic bands, which often collect plaque and food debris. This is not the case with Social 6 brackets, which are much easier to clean and keep hygienic, so eating poses no problem for this brace.

Does Social 6 hurt?

You may feel a little bit of initial discomfort, as you become used to your new braces. This will quickly disappear, as Social 6's self litigating brackets produce only the gentlest of forces against your teeth, whilst providing effective movement.

Are there any side effects to using Social 6 braces?

As with all brace treatments, you may feel a small amount of pressure to begin with and your speech may be temporarily affected for the first few days, as your tongue gets used to the brackets and wires. This will quickly fade.

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