FAQ About Interdental Brushes

What is an interdental brush?

An interdental brush is used as an alternative to flossing and comes in a range of thin brushes. These vary in size depending on the spaces between teeth. Some people can require a number of different sized brushes, so as to fit the individual manner of gaps in their smile.

Why is it important to clean between the teeth?

Food and debris can become stuck between the teeth after eating. This material can become tightly packed into small gaps and tooth brushing alone is unable to remove it. If the debris is left to settle between the teeth, they can then lead to an increase in plaque and possibly result in tooth decay.

An interdental brush is a great tool for removing this excess plaque and food material, targeting areas that cannot be reached with a toothbrush. This will help to prevent the development of gum disease and tooth decay, and keep your mouth and teeth clean and healthy.

Why isn't tooth brushing alone enough?

There are certain areas of the mouth that are difficult to clean with a toothbrush and require specialised tools. Interdental brushes are easy and quick to use, able to prevent plaque accumulation between the teeth.

How do interdental brushes help maintain the smile?

Interdental brushes consist of small, fine fibres and a thin head, which can move between the teeth with ease and remove excess food and material in the mouth. It is this removal of bacteria that can help to prevent dental health issues.

How do I use an interdental brush?

It may be the case that you require a range of interdental brushes, consisting of numerous sizes. For the front teeth it is best to use a smaller brush and a larger brush on the back teeth. Do not apply force to fit the brush between the teeth; if the brush doesn't fit you will need to use a smaller sized brush or dental floss. Insert the brush between the teeth gently through a twisting movement. Gently remove the brush using a pulling motion, reinserting and repeating the process until you are happy that the gap is clean. Bending the brush into a banana shape will help you clean the tooth gap more efficiently.

After you are finished you can rinse the brush and use it again. However, never use the same brush for more than a week.

When should I use interdental brushes?

Using an interdental brush is incredibly easy. You can use one to clean between your teeth when you are out and away from your bathroom mirror. Interdental brushing can be carried out at any time of the day, but it should be done at least 3 times a week to prevent the bacteria accumulation.

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