Smile Makeover Before & After Photos

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A comprehensive approach was needed to address Mark’s worn down teeth. Tooth grinding and acid erosion had made all the teeth shorter and changed his bite. Ceramic restorations were used to rebuild his back teeth and the front teeth were lengthened to give him an attractive smile once more.
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Whitening and composite veneers helped give John his confidence back.
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Gillian’s old crowns and veneers were replaced to give her a smile-makeover. She requested that her new smile be bigger, brighter and whiter.
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10 ceramic veneers and crowns were used to transform Shelley’s aged smile. By lengthening her front teeth we were able to give her a youthful, positive smile line.
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Damien requested a straighter, whiter smile more in keeping with his personality. Tooth whitening followed by new crowns and veneers gave him a bigger brighter smile that he couldn’t help but show off.
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Tatiana wanted that Hollywood smile. 20 veneers helped her achieve the look she wanted.

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