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Composite bonding is an effective treatment for correcting and repairing chipped, stained and broken teeth. In most cases only a single visit is required. Before bonding takes place tooth preparation is done by gently roughening the section to be treated. Your dentist will then etch the tooth surface using a special gel and apply bonding primers and resins. This is before placing the bonding composite and shaping the material to create an even, attractive tooth.

Bonding material is made from acrylic resins, which contain inorganic fillers and photo initiators (ingredients activated by light).

Bonding material is put on the tooth in a consistency similar to paste and then set hard using an intensive light beam. The material can be shaped and moulded, and your dentist will use skill and artistry to create the perfect result. Often several layers of bonding material are used to mimic the colour and translucency of the natural tooth. Once your dentist is happy with the results of bonding, they will polish the tooth to give it a healthy shine.

A warning to all cosmetic dental clients: any dentist can call themselves an expert in cosmetic dentistry, but we advise patients looking to enhance the appeal of their smile to see a dentist with post-graduate qualifications and experience in cosmetic dentistry. Composite bonding requires skill and artistry and the technique is generally not part of the training for general dentists.

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